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Some "Publish" anomalies that need attention

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Duane Calvin
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While attempting to publish a project this past few days I've found some items that were either confusing or need attention to fix.  Here's what I've found:

1 Publish | Shows tab:  "Selected show" is confusing.  If I want to publish all shows in one DVD/standalone show, then all should show selected.  Instead, I've found that no matter how many shows are selected, only the first one is shown on the right side of the pane as "selected."  Even if I want to publish just one show in the project, and I select only that show, it will publish the entire project of all shows.  Yet only the one will be shown.  Very confusing and doesn't appear to be working as expected.

2. Publish | Menu tab:  the right pane with "Menu Title," "Show Title," etc. only displays information in the top 2/3 of the pane space allotted.  It cuts off leaving the bottom 1/3 empty.  Scrolling works to reach all the fields, but something is not being calculated here making it more difficult to use.

3. "Loop All / Play All" - there is no way to set the font or font color for these.  They remain white regardless of background.

4.  A number of times while entering parameters for output, the Publish window would disappear.  It could be made to reappear by doing Alt-Tab and back, but it was not listed as an individual window to tab to.  The unexpected behavior is the disappearance of the Publish window.  Weird.

5.  Selecting "Background"  on the publish window only appears to irretrievably lose the direct view of the progress, not actually run "in the background."  None of the remainder of Photopia can be viewed or used while publishing is working.  Not a big deal, just not what "background" usually means.  Also, the status window in the "Queue" panel does not have enough space to show the progress %.  First digit then truncated.

I hope this is helpful to the development team - the rough edges in Publish can make it more frustrating than it ought to be.  Thanks for your attention!