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Importing an mp3 file for my own music

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Kathleen Schettig
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I am very frustrated and I'm hoping someone can explain to me how to add my own mp3 sound track to a wizard show I've created.  Thank you very much.

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Bonnie Oertli
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Hi Kathleen,

Are you trying to add the soundtrack while in the "wizard"?  For example, once you start the wizard, you can add all of your photos, etc., then on the "next" you can select your audio file, you will need to browse to get the file you want added, then continue the steps in the wizard.  If you have already created a show from the wizard and did not add the music in the step 2, and you have your show open (I think it's "build mode").  I am rendering a show now so cannot look at the screen options.  If you have an open show and just need to add music, you can select the "add audio" button and go to the preview tab, select "the computer icon" and browse to where your audio file is.  I am not sure if this helps since I cannot look at the program to give you the exact tab names, etc., but if you still need help, I can attach screen shots once I am done publishing my file.

🙂  Bonnie