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H.265 (HEVC) Encoding

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Yuri Nikitin
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Please add H.265 encoding to the production options. It's needed desperately, as H.265 is the industry standard for 4K UHD video for years.

Use of H.264 with 4K UHD video is obsolete and inconvenient. Video files are large and sometimes incompatible with players. As an example, my Dune HD Pro 4K player stumbles often while playing an H.264 4K file produced from Photopia Creator with High Quality (not to mention Extreme Quality). No such thing with H.265-encoded files.

So I have to re-encode Photopia Creator's H.264 output to H.265 with another application, which is waste of time and possible loss of video quality, plus extra cost of another application.

Thank you.

Member Admin
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We have this feature request logged. Thank you for your feedback.

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Jerry Hatfield
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One of my big issues with exporting (publishing) from Proshow Producer was the limited range of codecs available for use. Also, there were no user customizable setup options for each encode. It is a 'one size fit's all situation. I have been using either Intel Quicksync or NVENC for exports. The problem here was that all outputs have been 8bit, which cause quite noticeable banding on gradients, slide styles, and transitions. I've read the requests posted by other users and was wondering if HEVC 10bit encoding through either Intel QS or NVENC has been added?

Without a user customizable HEVC 10bit encoding option there really isn't a big hurry to move from Proshow Producer. After all, the final product is what we are all about. Personally, all encoding options should be user customizable. Also, the use of intra frame codecs all ready on the computer would be nice to have. These would be something like Prores 4:2:2 10bit options(this is probably out of the question due to the licensing fees) or Grass Valley's HQX 10 bit codec. 

Whether it's Proshow or Photopia, they are tools to get the final product into my NLE and then out to media.

Thanks for reading

Jerry Hatfield
Joined: 2 years ago
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In my previous post I should have asked exactly how the color bit depth is determined in Photopia.

1. Is the Photopia timeline project a neutral construct that when exported it takes on the color bit depth of the export's codec?

2. Is the Photopia timeline project an 8 bit color depth. If so, is it possible to add the option for a 10 bit project setting?

The fact that Photopia is a 64 bit program, 10 bit options should be more readily available. This includes slide styles and transitions.