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H.265 (HEVC) Encoding

Yuri Nikitin
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Please add H.265 encoding to the production options. It's needed desperately, as H.265 is the industry standard for 4K UHD video for years.

Use of H.264 with 4K UHD video is obsolete and inconvenient. Video files are large and sometimes incompatible with players. As an example, my Dune HD Pro 4K player stumbles often while playing an H.264 4K file produced from Photopia Creator with High Quality (not to mention Extreme Quality). No such thing with H.265-encoded files.

So I have to re-encode Photopia Creator's H.264 output to H.265 with another application, which is waste of time and possible loss of video quality, plus extra cost of another application.

Thank you.

Member Admin
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We have this feature request logged. Thank you for your feedback.

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