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Scott McNeill
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23/02/2020 9:48 pm  
  1. When adding a new category, it would be nice if that category would be available for both Slide Styles and Transitions. As it is now, if I have want to have both styles and transitions in a new category, I have to add the category twice as I categorize the effects.
  2. When an effect is highlighted in the Manage Effects dialog, it would be nice to have the list of categories that effect belongs to in the right part of the dialog (near where the "Location:" is located.

Member Admin
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12/03/2020 8:53 pm  

Slide Styles and Transitions inherently use a different set of Categories.  I'm not sure that our system is setup to integrate those lists, but we can certainly put in a feature request for that behavior.  We'll also log up a request to make the categories for the selected effect more obvious.  Thank you.

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