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Combined Slides

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combined slides are not identifiable as such unless you activate the slide or hover over it. Please add a symbol in one of the corners for making combined slides easier to identify.

please allow combined slides to become "uncombined"

please allow individual pictures to be removed from a combined slide. I understand I can delete individual pictures but then they are gone for good and I need to reimport them.

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We can certainly log a feature request for identifying combined slides, although that 'uncombine' option may be a bit trickier to implement.  There are a number of technical details that could make the process of splitting a combined slide back into its original slides quite difficult.

The best way to 'remove' an image from a slide without deleting it is to click the 'eye icon' on the right-side of that layer.  This will toggle the layer to 'hidden', effectively 'removing' it from view.

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