A list of names of ...

A list of names of slide styles & transitions we used  


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22/11/2019 6:09 pm  

I don't know how to phrase it.

Is it possible you could add a document/file that we can print out that shows and lists the slide styles and transitions in each show we make?

We can thus use it to remember the names of transitions and styles we used which sometime become favorites for us. 

I sometimes thought I would do this myself. Get a notebook, write down slide 1, slide 2, etc and under each slide write the name of the slide style and the name of the transition.

Also the duration for each slide and transition. 

Soundtrack name and audio.

We can then keep this for refernce to go back to. 

I somtimes use a slide style that I love but when I want to use it again in another show, I forget its name. 

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06/01/2020 7:14 am  

It sounds like the current Favorites system could address some of these concerns.  We'll make sure there is something logged for the larger request, which seems to be focused on slideshow metadata.  Thank you.

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