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why is Photopia so glitchy?

Ralph Arnold
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I've used photodex for years on windows and recently installed Photopia onto my Mac.  What a pain! Trying to add text slides is awful, save function doesn't work, (just lost my 2 hours of work!). Photodex is heads and shoulders above what remains.

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Tony Brown
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Same problem here. I've found the only way to keep work safe is to manually save my project, and close the app completely then reboot it.

It's a pain, but at least I've managed to keep my work in one piece.


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Creator was working great for me until the last couple of updates and it seems like I can't use it for more than about 5 minutes before it slows to a crawl and becomes glitchy. I have to get it saved, which sometimes it doesn't do, and reboot the computer. I am really getting tired of this. And things don't work correctly. I am working on a project with only 30 slides but the slide styles get glitchy and totally change what they are supposed to be doing. I correct the problem and it happens again. I select a certain layer and a different layer actually appears selected. I am really getting sorry that I left Producer. I'm thinking about putting Creator on hold until they get some of these things worked out. I can't afford to waste this much time and money trying to work with this.

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It certainly sounds like something is not working correctly. Please reach out to us through the Contact Us form on our website when you get a chance. We would like to look into these reports further, which may include getting system information from the affected systems and things of that nature. We look forward to hearing from each of you soon.

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