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Thank you photopia!!!

Patricia Wendell
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I just wanted to post my feelings about the company, and level of support I received. I felt I would be remiss if I didn't try to express my gratefulness. 

I am a former producer customer, and last used the software eons ago, I would say going back to over 10 years ago (wedding shows for my nieces). On top of that, I was seriously ill in 2019 which left me with some short term memory issues. I then lost my mother and needed to put together a memorial slideshow for her service. The support I received at all hours from Photopia was tremendous. I just needed gentle help as with intense concentration, I was able to remember much of my prior experience with producer. I was quite apprehensive whether I could pull this off, but with help from Photopia, this was doable and the final result was well-received and I honored my mother's memory  - which was my goal. Thank you so much for the service & assistance given to me.  

George Krahn
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As a long time Proshow Producer user myself I find it heart warming to hear your story of support from the Photopia people.  I hope they continue to be a viable company for decades to come as I believe they have an excellent product in both Creator and Director.

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