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[Solved] Sports Video Help

Maggi Derry
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Is there anyway to highlight a player in a video clip? Like a circle around them to let viewer know which athlete to keep eye on? Does this make sense?

Member Admin
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Yes, this can be done with using a solid color layer, the "Shape" option, masking, and a layer group. Alternatively, if you have an image that uses a circle with a transparent interior that will also do the trick. The other method goes something like this...

1. Add a solid color layer to your slide.
2. Select that layer then click the "Select" button for the "Shape" option under the "Layer" tab.
3. Set the shape option to "Basic Shapes" > "Circle".
4. Duplicate that layer.
5. Reduce the "Zoom" of the top-most of those two circular layers.
6. Right-click on that top-most layer to choose "Use as Masking Layer".
7. Click on the "Masking" layer (which was just created in the "Layers" list).
8. Change the "Channel" option (in the "Effect" tab) to "Transparency Inverted".
9. Click on the top-most layer (which is now the mask layer).
10. Click the 'group icon' at the top of the "Layers" tab (just to the right of the "T" icon).

At this point you should have a circular ring that can be controlled by making adjustments to the "Group" layer itself. Color changes and things of that nature will need to be made on the solid color layer within the mask (within the group), but the "Group" layer can be positioned, zoomed, etc. directly to highlight the subject within the slide.

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