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Saving used photo, vidéo, music files

Andreas Enzinger
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Good afternoon from France

I want to know if there is a possibility (as in Proshow) to save all used files of a show in different folders by one command




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Duane Calvin
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Andreas,  in one of the tutorial videos, Jennifer covers this. In ProShow we had to do a “collect files,” while in Photopia all those files are copied and collected automatically.  I believe it is in the Data folder created in the project’s directory.  The tutorial will tell you that for sure. 

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It sounds like you're getting solid information here on the forum (thank you @duane-calvin).  Here is a bit more detail about this process...

When a project (ex. slideshow) is created in Photopia, a new 'project folder' is created automatically.  The location of this new folder defaults to the "Project Location", specified in "Preferences", but can also be changed from the bottom of the "New Project" window.  The name of that new project folder will match the 'title' specified during the "New Project" creation process.

Within each project folder there is a unique "Data" folder.  When an image, audio, or video file is added to a show in a project it gets copied into the "Data" folder for that project.  This mirrors the "Collect Show Files" feature from ProShow, except that it's automatic and always enabled.  While this does mean that Photopia duplicates image, audio, and video data that is added to a show, it also means that the risk of losing the content for that show is greatly diminished.

There is one additional nuance here that's important to point out.  When a project is saved using the "File" > "Save Project As" option there are a few different results possible.  If the project is saved to the current project folder (using a different "Project Title", and therefore a different filename), there will end up being two copies of that project in the same folder, using the same "Data" folder content.  If a different folder location is specified during that process, you'll end up with a completely new project folder, including an exact copy of the current "Data" folder and all of its contents.  Saving the project to the current project folder and using the same "Project Title" will result in a 'file already exists' overwrite prompt, as you might expect.

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