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Safely Inserting a song and new slides in the middle of a finished show

David Pillow
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I finished a 5 song show for my wife's 65th birthday and now would like to add another song and some new slides between the 3rd and 4th songs of the  show.  I don't want to take any chance of messing up what I have.  Is there a way to make a 2nd copy with a different name and then I could work on that one knowing if I messed it up I could always go back to the original? 

Is there a best way of adding the new song and slides so as not to mess up the current show.  The pictures on the slides now match the lyrics in context and time.


Keith Simonian
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With the show open, you can create a copy by using the "save project as" option under the "File" option. 
Just pick a new name, and you will have both versions of the show. 
Also, if you want info from a board that has people on it, try this one on Facebook.

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