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One Slide Multiple Videos - Play 1 @ a time

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Brad Connolly
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I am trying to create a slide with multiple layers.

Each Layer is a short Video.

How do I play one Video at a time?

See an image of the slide here removed link

Trying to add a link to my image on my web site but Photopia won't let me. Go figure!



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Dean Athans
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Brad -

You can accomplish that effect: Drag all the videos to a single slide (i.e., combine them), then go to the "Keyframes" layout and slide the starting keyframes--#1 for each video--to the time when you want each video to appear in that slide and start playing.

Depending on whether you check the "Loop" option for each video, they will either stop as each video ends, or loop to the beginning. If the video stops before the end of the slide is reached, that last--still--frame of the video will remain on the screen until the end of the slide (or Keyframe #2) is reached.

If you want a single still frame to appear before each video starts, you might be able to get a still of each video from Premiere Elements, or from Director by using the Publish--single frame option (although I have not used that option yet and assume there might be more to the process than what I'm saying here). Once you have that still image, you can place it in the same position as the video and, through careful timing, have the still frame go to 0 opacity as the video starts to play.

     - Dean A.