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Multiple images on one slide

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How do I add multiple images to one slide

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There are several ways to add multiple images to a single slide from the main slideshow editing window.

Layers List: Click the "add" button in the "Layers" list to bring up a "Browser" window. Any images / videos added here will be inserted into the list of layers just above the currently selected layer.

Drag and Drop: Drag an image / video (or selection of images / videos) from the "Browser" tab (or from outside the program) and drop that selection into the "Layers" List. A horizontal line should be shown when dragging that selection around in the "Layers" list. This line indicates where that content will be inserted.

It's also possible to drop a selection of images / videos directly into the list of slides. When dropping that selection onto an existing slide all the selected content will be inserted into the target slide. When dropping that selection between slides (or at the start / end of the slideshow) the default behavior is to add each image / video as its own slide. Holding down the CTRL key during this 'drop action' will change that behavior so the selection is inserted as one slide.