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Moving to new PC

Duane Calvin
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Photopia is installed on my new PC but I’m struggling to get the completed (fully and partially) projects move there. Any tips on this?  I still have the old PC up and running so all files are available, it’s just finding them and moving them. 

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Hello Duane,

Nice to see you. We know each other from the ProShow forum.
to your problem. Copy the "data folder" where the photos are located, plus any attached files and the figure that looks like a lens aperture, to the new PC. Now open the show with the sign that looks like a "Lens Aperture". Now it takes a while for the show to load in Photopia. Than please save the show!!!
Then, when you open Photopia, your show will also appear in the menu. 
I hope you understood my explanation, if not please get in touch.

Best regards   Dieter

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