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Motion is very jerky on the computer screen

Carolyn Watts
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Some slides seem to have multiple exposures use slightly offset from one another making them very difficult to see.  They do stabilize eventually but appear very jerky.  Will the video render this way, too.  Is iot likely to transition or slide style I have chosen?  I have not rendered a video yet and just don't know what to expect.


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In this case we recommend that you render a video to see how the show will play in that format. Try the MPEG4 preset "1080p (Full HD)" for the clearest results, although the "720p" version is also very good and will be much quicker to create.

You can also reach out through the Contact Us form on our website for assistance with the 'multiple exposures during playback' issue. This may be related to playback performance or something similar but we'll need to look at some system specs and get a copy of your slideshow to assess the situation better.

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