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Links to Slide Shows created in Photopia Creator  


Keith Simonian
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10/08/2020 3:11 pm  

Since there was a thread asking for links to shows created in Creator, I thought I would post a few. 
I am always trying to find new and interesting transitions and effects. 
A couple of these shows feature my 3D effect from a single slide. 
I also used a zoom effect created in Resolve and imported the movie into the slide show. 

Paris - these three days were part of 18 day trip.

London - these three day were part of same 18 day trip.

Tallinn Estonia - Part of 24 day Northern Mediterranean trip. To be honest, I not sure I had ever even heard of Estonia till we went on the cruise.

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Stephen Harris
New Member Customer
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26/11/2020 6:40 am  

Great photography and great slide shows, Keith! Thanks for posting.


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07/12/2020 5:28 pm  

I make a digital scrapbook for each of our kids and their families monthly and then I create a digital Christmas card of our family to share on social. Here is the link the our card this year. I normally try to have a consistant theme throughout but this year I created each slide to go with the person.

I'll admit I am still trying to get used to Creator.

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