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Inserting a macro that adds slide number to every slide

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Elaine Grella
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I make slide shows for people and on Pro Show I could add the slide number to each slide so they can tell me which slide they want changes to.  I did this under caption format where I could click on macro.  I can't find it anywhere on Creator.  Can anyone help me with this?  

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This is a feature we intend to add in a future update. It's not available just yet, but I know it's on the list. The best option for now is to manually add a caption to one slide, position it how you want it to appear throughout the show, then right-click on that caption in the "Layers" tab (on the left-hand side of the program) to select the "Copy" > "Copy to All Slides" option. You'll then need to manually change the text for that caption on each slide to match the appropriate slide number. We understand that this workaround can be a bit tedious and hope to have that caption macro feature added sooner rather than later.