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I have to ask, has anybody developing this program ever used it to create slide show?

Keith Simonian
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There are still so many features missing that anybody who could code them, would code them. 

It took many months of waiting before one was able to set the Font size of new text in the Preferences section.
Now maybe I am the only person who adds an outline and shadow to all of his text, but doing so adds another 4 steps to any added text 
because I can't set those items a default in the preference section. ( the default are useless to me )

If the text was added with all the default settings used, and then the ideal way to change to was to use the universal setting for for outline size,
you get the problem that doing so adds and OUTLINE to EVERY line of text AND PHOTOS which have no outline. 

In Proshow producer, clicking on the slide opened the slide box which allowed me to quickly make changes to an image and then move on to the
slide by clicking next button, in Creator clicking on the next slide by default takes me to the text line in the next slide.
And if I didn't need to work on the next slide, I could without have to move the cursor, just click on the next button again. 
The method of adjustments was just MUCH faster in Proshow. 

Is there a method to move onto the next slide I haven't discovered other than mousing over the next slide and clicking? 
Is there yet documentation that states if that is possible? 

I saw the February updates which had 26 Valentine Transitions. It was quite frustrating to see the time of a Photopia coder being using
to create a limited features while basic features still aren't addressed. 

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Sorry about the delay. It looks like this post slipped through.

I'll make sure the request for more caption preferences gets added to the list, which I believe it already has. If I recall correctly, ProShow didn't have any of these preferences for captions (including default font size), instead using a sort of 'dynamic defaults' system based on whatever caption settings were most recently changed.

Photopia, Creator and Director, do use the Slides List to facilitate moving between slides, rather than 'next' / 'previous' buttons as found in the Slide Options window within ProShow. The current behavior in Photopia when switching slides is to select the top-most layer of the new slide, which may well be a caption layer but could also be another type of layer. I expect the system for making changes to a series of layers across multiple slides in ProShow could be more efficient in certain scenarios / workflows, as the system in Photopia can be more efficient in others. There is always a tradeoff to this sort of thing and we're open to suggestions that might lead to a better overall experience.

While we continue to work towards releasing a written manual, note that those Valentine Transitions (and effects like them) have very little impact on product development. Our 'coders' are always busy with one thing or another, but creating new effects doesn't happen to be on their task list.

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