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Different Slide times in same show

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Donna Pullan
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Hi, New user here. I have a photo scanning and organizing business and after 5 years in business I have my first request for a celebration of life slideshow. I have gotten all of slides completed and I'm hoping someone knows how to do this: Most of the slides I want to show for 2.5 seconds and some key slides I'd like to have shown for 8 seconds...do you know how to do this? Yes, it can be done manually but that's alot for 275 slides. Any suggestions appreciated.

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Dean Athans
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Donna -

Are any of those slides contiguous that you want to change to 8 sec? If so, click and select the first slide in that "run," then shift-click the last in that same set, and then highlight the slide time in any one of those contiguous slides and change it to 8 sec. The other selected slides will also change to that new duration.

     - Dean A.


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George Krahn
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Assuming that you have all 250 slides set to 2.5 seconds ... you can then select the first slide you want to make 8 seconds, then scroll through the show and whenever you see another slide you want to make 8 seconds just CTRL-Left Click with your mouse to select each of the other slides.  All of the non-contiguous slides you have selected that way should be highlighted.  Then change the slide time on any one of those and all will change to the new length.