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Can the project folder simply be copied to a new location.

George Deluca
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i.e. are all the links to the Data folder relative.

I'm just learning Photopia, so right now the data is in a temp location. Normally it will be located in a cloud backed up location, but right now I didn't want it to be constantly uploading stuff while I was in "play around" mode.

Can I later just move the Project folder to the final location?

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Data folder links should continue to work when a project folder is moved to a new location. Having said that, we do not recommend storing working / active Photopia slideshows in the cloud. Delays in accessing / updating files stored on a remote machine can cause issues with preview updates, playback, and things of that nature within the program. We recommend using the default location for new projects; "Documents" > "Photopia Slide Shows".

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