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Attach Voice Over to a particular slide.

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Ron Brown
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A former ProShow Producer customer, I can't figure out how to add a voice over to a specific slide. I've recorded the file in an external editor and wish to attach it to a slide. I need to do this to several slides in the show. Help! 

Dean Athans
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Ron -

With your show open in Director and sound "provider" (your editor) connected to your computer, select (double click) the slide where you want to attach the voice over.

In the upper left corner of your screen is the "Slide Sound" button, click and then go to the Audio Settings-Sound Track-Slide Sound panel to see the options for selecting your sound. Click on the Slide Sound tab. Using the Browse/Preview button, choose the Editor that you've attached, and select your sound from there to both preview and then select it to attach to that slide. You'll have a chance to preview and trim the sound in the Audio Settings panel.

Hope that works!

     - Dean A.