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[Solved] Adding a title slide between shows without music track moving

Emily Koenig
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I have combined several shows which are sections of a large family show. Now, I want to add a title slide. I had Photopia add a blank slide between shows when I combined them, but when I try to add anything to that blank slide or if I add another blank slide to add my text - the music track sort of resets and then starts at the TITLE SLIDE instead of staying place at the first slide of pictures.


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Slides in Photopia are not anchored to the Show Soundtrack, so when new slides get inserted or slide / transition durations change the alignment between those slides and the Show Soundtrack inherently changes. This will also affect later parts of the slideshow.

It sounds like the audio Offset feature would fix this situation. Set the Offset option for that audio track to the duration of the new Title Slide and that should do the trick. This can be done from the Soundtrack tab that appears after clicking on an audio track from the Show Soundtrack OR using the audio waveform area at the bottom of the Timeline version of the slide list, where you can click-and-drag and audio track left / right to change its Offset value.

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