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JULY 9, By Photopia

PHOTOPIA For MAC Available Now!

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We’re very happy to announce the Mac version of Photopia Creator and Director!!

That’s right, the wait is over!  We know many of you have been anticipating this release for a long time.  The new product can be downloaded HERE and includes the same 21-day evaluation period as the Windows version.  Active subscriptions for the Windows product are also valid for the Mac version, using the exact same registration key.

Photopia for Mac is also fully compatible with the Windows version, including the same high-quality royalty free Music Library and the same feature set. Slideshows, slide styles, and transitions that work on one platform will also work on the other.  Please use the Contact Us form on our website if you should need any assistance. We’re always happy to help.


MARCH 21, By Photopia

Royalty-Free Music Library Available Now!

We’re happy to announce our new royalty-free Music Library, now available for all Photopia Creator and Director customers. The new Music Library contains a wide variety of high-quality songs provided by our partner, industry leader Triple Scoop Music. Creator includes 250 music tracks while Director includes 500 tracks, so there is something for everyone.  All songs are cleared for royalty-free use within Photopia slideshows.  You can post shows containing these new royalty-free tracks on social media platforms and sell your shows to clients.  Please click here for complete licensing and approved usage details, as certain restrictions apply.This amazing new feature can be found in the Browser by running the program and installing the latest update. You can watch a tutorial video on how to use the Music Library here .

MARCH 19, By Photopia

COVID-19 Update from Photopia

While we have some company-specific updates for everyone, the most important thing we want to say is, stay safe out there.  We understand that the response to COVID-19 is affecting life around the world and we want to encourage everyone to heed the advice of local healthcare professionals and institutions.  
Photopia is well positioned to make it through this pandemicDon’t worry, we’re not going anywhere.  Our staff has already been instructed to work from home until things get back to normal and they’re doing a great job.  Developers continue working with our QA team and Support staff to address the feedback that gets sent in each day.  We’re making significant progress on important new features including a royalty-free Music Library (which should be available soon) and the Mac implementation of Creator / Director.  We know that many of you are ready for that Mac version of the program to be released and so are we.  Suffice it to say that this is one of our top priorities. 
Please continue to reach out through the Contact Us form on our website if you run into any trouble, need some advice, or just have an interesting feature request that you think others might also want to see added to the program. 
We’re here for you if you need us. 

MARCH 5, By Photopia

Music library for Photopia Director and Creator

We are excited to announce that Photopia has partnered with industry-leading Triple Scoop Music to provide a royalty-free Music Library in our Photopia Creator and Director products.  This new feature is currently being tested internally and should be ready for public release by the end of the month.

Our friends over at Triple Scoop Music have worked with us to curate a quality selection of diverse music from a wide variety of the best independent songwriters, composers, and musicians from around the world.  We’re confident that there is something in this new library for just about any slideshow. 

Adding a royalty-free Music Library has always been part of our vision for Photopia Creator / Director.  Music is such an integral part of so many slideshow productions and we recognize that it can also represent a significant secondary investment for customers.  Individual royalty-free audio tracks are not cheap and it can take time to find just the right one, verify usage restrictions, and finally get it integrated into a show.  Customers are then left with the task of manually managing how each track can be used and defending any copyright claims that might come up in the future.  Our goal is to make audio selection a seamless part of the slideshow creation process, allowing customers to focus more on the creative aspects of their productions instead of getting bogged down in licensing / procurement details.  Photopia Creator / Director will still support local audio tracks, just like before. 
Given that royalty-free music is not an inexpensive commodity, you may be asking yourself, how much all of this new content is going to cost?  Thanks to our subscription model, it’s all included.  There is no additional charge.  Our goal is to consistently provide the best slideshow creation tool possible and a royalty-free Music Library is just part of that vision.

February 7, By Photopia

Tips & Tricks tutorials on Photopia Youtube channel

Photopia has started a series of amazing Tips & Tricks video’s on Photopia Youtube channel. We aim to offer a few Tips & tricks videos per week. If you have suggestions regarding using specific topics of Photopia Creator or Director that you would like to see videos for let us know via our Forum or Contact Us. page.

JANUARY 29, By Photopia

Creating your first show with Photopia Director or Creator

In this video we show how easy it is to create a show with Photopia Director or Photopia Creator. Starting with a blank show, the video explains how to create an amazing looking show in just a few simple steps.

JANUARY 20, By Photopia

Photopia vs ProShow: Slide Options

Are you an experienced ProShow user just getting started with Photopia? This new tutorial video shows how all of the options from ProShow’s “Slide Options” window are now available right in the main window of Photopia Director and Photopia Creator.

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