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OCTOBER 17, By Photopia

Hue vs. Colorize

Applying color adjustments to an image in Photopia can be done in a few different ways.  Hue and Colorize are two options that are available in both Director and Creator.  


What is the difference between them and how do they adjust the color of images? 

Learn more about these two adjustment features in today’s blog.

Hue and Colorize will adjust the color of your images, but each one uses different methods and will end in different results.

The image shown above includes nearly all the colors of the rainbow.  Note that the guitar on the right is blue and the guitar on the far left is red.

When the Hue slider is moved to 50% (shown above), all of the colors on the individual guitars will shift through the Hue color wheel independently.  The blue guitar is now yellow and the red guitar is now blue/green.

Using Hue to adjust the colors of an image will take all of the colors in the image and shift them through the Hue color wheel, starting with each of the individual colors and shifting from that point.

When Colorize is enabled, the image will initially turn to black and white.  This happens because Colorize applies Dark, Mid, and Light color overlays to the image as a whole.  The initial colors used for those settings are Black, Gray, and White. 

When the Mid Color is changed to blue, all Mid tones in the image (shades of gray) are turned to corresponding shades of blue. Changing the Mid Color is best for creating an overall color wash, leaving the Dark and Light colors as black and white.

Colorize also has a Strength option.  This determines how much of the Colorize adjustment will be applied to the original image.  In the example shown above, the strength of the Mid Color blue was reduced to 60%.


Changing the Dark and Light Colors can give you a photographic negative effect.  In the example shown above, all of the light tones in the image were changed to blue.  In the example below, all of the dark tones were changed to blue.

Choosing either Hue or Colorize depends on the final results you are looking for. 


Colorize applies a color overlay to your entire image based on dark, mid, and light tones.

Hue will keep the original hues in your image intact, then shift them individually.

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