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JULY 11, By Photopia

Copy Font Settings

Copying a font choice, and other settings, to other slides in a single click can be a real time saver. Photopia provides the ability to copy those settings within a single slide, across your entire show, or to specific layers in other slides.

Copy Settings are available for nearly all layer settings attributes.  In our example, we’ll be copying the Font choice from one text layer to others.

Right clicking on the Font drop down menu reveals a fly-out menu with different copy options.  The choices get broader as you go down the list:

Copy Font to other layers allows you to copy your Font to a specific layer on any slide you choose through the Copy Layer Settings window.

Copy Font to all layers on this slide will instantly apply this font to every text layer on the current slide.

Copy Font to all layers on all slides will instantly apply this font to every text layer on every slide in your show.

The Copy Layer Settings window has three columns:

  1. Left Column – Choose the source layer for the copy action. (Choose only one)
  2. Center Column – Choose any settings that will be copied. Multiple settings can be chosen.
  3. Right Column – Choose the destination layers for the copy action. Multiple layers from all slides can be chosen.

In the example shown above, the Font Size, Line Spacing, and Font will be copied from the text layer on Slide 7 to a text layer on slide 13 and another text layer on slide 20.  These are the only layers that will be changed and the three settings will be the only ones applied.

Selecting Copy at the bottom of this window will copy the settings to the selected layers, then reset the selections in this window and it will remain open. You can then copy more settings from other layers to other layers, if desired.

If you don’t have any other settings you would like to copy, choose Copy & Close.

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