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July 5, By Photopia

Customizing Soundtrack Volume During Slide Sounds

There are a couple of scenarios when multiple sounds may be playing at the same time in a show.  Video files with audio, for example, or a narration or sound file added to a slide. These will be playing at the same time as your music soundtrack.  In today’s blog, you’ll learn where to find the settings to customize the levels and fades of those added sounds and the Soundtrack during those sounds.

If a video file that has audio is added to a slide, select the video layer in the Layers list in the Navigation Panel (above left) and the Video Clip Settings will appear in the Options Panel (above right).  These settings will not be available unless a Video file is in a slide.

Open the options for the Video Sound Settings and the Soundtrack During This Video settings.


  • Video Sound Settings
    • Volume – This sets the volume for the sound attached to the video file in its entirety. This setting cannot be used to raise and lower the sound of the video file during playback. It is a constant setting.
    • Fade In and Fade Out – The default times of 0.1 seconds are, essentially immediate. The sound in your video file will be full volume immediately, then abruptly cut off at the end. Increase these times if you would like a more gradual fade of the video sound.
    • Offset – this setting “unlocks” the video sound from the video, allowing you to move the sound forward or backward in time, separate from the video file itself. Positive numbers will move the video sound forward in time in relation to the video file, and negative numbers will move the sound backward in time.  The visual portion of the video will remain the same.
  • Soundtrack During This Video
    • The Soundtrack Volume During This Video defaults to 50% with 0.1 seconds for both the Fade In and Fade Out You may find that the Soundtrack at 50% is too loud to hear your video sound, in which case you can lower this.  0.1 seconds for the Fade times is basically instantaneous, so you may want to increase these numbers to create a more gradual fade of your soundtrack as your video begins to play and as it ends playing.

If a Slide Sound has been added to a slide, such as Narration, click on the Slide Sound tab in the Navigation Panel (above left) and then the Slide Sound tab in the Options Panel (above right)


The same settings for Volume level and Fade In and Fade Out times are available for both the Custom Slide Sound and the Soundtrack.

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