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May 23, By Photopia

Applying Random Transitions

Photopia gives you the ability to randomly apply transitions to multiple slides at once.  There is an option to use all of the transitions installed in your program, or you can create your own custom set of transitions.

First, Select all of the slides you want to apply transitions to.  

  • To select all slides in your show, select one slide first, then hit CTL+A on your keyboard.  
  • To select specific consecutive slides, hold down your SHIFT key as you select
  • To select specific non-consecutive slides,  hold down your CTL key as you select (shown above).

Right click on any slide (not the transition, but the slide) and choose Randomize transition effects.

The next window will show a list of Transition Sets for you to choose from.  If you have never created a custom Transition set, the only option available will be to randomize All Transitions installed in your program.  To create a new transition set, click Add at the bottom of this window.

You must name your new Transition Set before choosing the Transitions to include in it.  Click in the Name Field and create a name for your new Transition Set.

In this example, we will be creating a new Transition Set that will only include the Slide and Push transitions in the four basic directions.  The name Basic Slides and Pushes best describes this new transition set. To select the transitions to include in your new set, hit OK.

The next window is a list of all Transitions installed in your program.  Select any Transitions you’d like to include in your Custom Set, and hit OK.

Make sure your new custom Transition Set is selected and hit Randomize.

The slides that were previously selected will now have a random transition selected from your Transition Set applied to them.  Slides that were not selected will remain unaffected.

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