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May 2, By Photopia

Contained Layers in the Layers List

Certain types of layers in the Layers List can contain other layers inside of them, such as Groups, Masking Layers, and Adjustment Layers.

The container layer will appear as collapsible and the layer numbers on the far-right side may appear to skip numbers when the container layer is collapsed. Those layers are there, and active, inside the collapsed container layer.  Group layers will show how many sub items are inside.

The example above shows a Group layer with 5 sub items, but the numbers at the right skip over 8 layers.  That indicates that there are more container layers inside.

Opening the  Main Group layer reveals another Image Group with 2 sub items inside.  One of those sub items is a Masking Layer.  Masking Layers will have other layers underneath them, indicated by the collapsable arrow to the left.

In our example, when the Main Group was closed, the layer numbers jumped from 1 to 10. Opening that group reveals another Image Group, which contains a Masking Layer that has an image in it. 

When using a Slide Style, if a specific layer in the Layers List seems to be missing, be sure to check inside any container layers that may have more layers inside.

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