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February 28, By Photopia

Suspending Photopia Subscriptions

Your Photopia subscription can be temporarily suspended when you know you won’t be using it for a while.  This pauses your billing and program activation but doesn’t cancel them.

To suspend your subscription go to, then go to the My Account page, click on Subscriptions, then View, and click on Suspend.

Both subscription types can be paused up to twelve times per year.  If you have a monthly subscription and choose to suspend your account in the middle of your billing period, then start it back up again a few months later, you will still have the remainder of your subscription term before your account is billed again.  (example shown below)

In the example shown above, a monthly subscription was started on April 13th (billed every month on the 13th), then paused on August 23rd, only 10 days after the August billing period. When the subscription is started again on November 1st, there are still the original 21 days left from their August billing period before the subscription is billed again. The subscription will be billed on November 22nd and the renewal date is then updated to renew on the 22nd of each month.


Yearly subscriptions are similar. If a yearly subscription is started on April 13th, then suspended for 70 days during the months of August, September and October, the renewal date will get pushed back for the 70 days that the subscription was paused, making the next billing date for this yearly subscription on June 23th, instead of April 13th.


Suspending your subscription immediately puts the program into evaluation mode, placing a banner across the middle of the screen when previewed or published and adding an audio watermark to the audio tracks from the Photopia Music Library. All of your data, your projects and shows, will remain intact until you reactivate your subscription.


If you cancel your subscription, which is different from suspending it, you will still have access to the program until the end of your billing period, at which time the program will return to evaluation mode. Canceled subscriptions cannot be reactivated and current discounts may be lost. If you choose to start using Photopia again after canceling, a new subscription must be purchased. Projects and shows from a prior subscription can be used with a new subscription.

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