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JANUARY 24, By Photopia

Image Orientation and Aspect Ratio

There are two terms that describe the shape of your images: Image Orientation and Aspect Ratio. 

Below are examples of image orientation, which describes the shape of your image:



Aspect Ratio is the ratio between the width and height of your image and can determine the orientation.

For example, 2×3 and 3×2 are different Aspect Ratio options in Photopia.  The first number is the width of your image, and the second number is the height.  An image with a 2×3 aspect ratio is Portrait oriented, or vertical, whereas an image with a 3×2 aspect ratio is Landscaped oriented, or horizontal.

16×9 is not a standard photograph Aspect Ratio, it is a standard Video Aspect Ratio.  Since Photopia takes photos and turns them into videos, this aspect ratio can be useful when trying to fill the screen perfectly. 21:9 is ultra-wide, designed for the CinemaScope format, which is similar to Panoramic.

With the Photopia crop feature in the Content Tab, you can change the Aspect Ratio of any image, no matter the orientation.  If there is a slide style that is designed for landscape images, but you want to use a portrait image, you can change the crop aspect ratio, then adjust the position of the crop to best suit your image.

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