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January 17 By Photopia

Slide Names

Slide names can provide visual information on your slides, including the name of an applied Slide Style or custom information that you add.

Naming slides can help differentiate between slides when the thumbnail doesn’t provide enough information.

Slides will have no name, by default (above left). If you apply a Slide Style, the name of the Slide Style will appear as the slide name (above right). 

If a slide name is too long to see the entire name, hover your mouse over the slide and the full name will be displayed in the Tool Tips pop up window. (Tool Tips must be enabled in Appearance preferences).

Custom names can be created on any slide, including slides that already have a Slide Style as the name.

Right Click on a slide, select Rename Slide, then enter a new slide name.

Slide names can also be created in the Slide Settings tab (Navigation Panel) by entering text in the Name field (Options Panel).

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