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NOVEMBER 8, By Photopia

The Selection Tool

The Selection Tool allows you to select images in both the Layers list and in the Preview window. When it is disabled you can only select layers in the Layers list.

The Selection Tool is the first tool in the lower right corner of the Preview window. Its icon looks like a mouse arrow.

When this tool is enabled you will be able to select different layers in the Preview window simply by clicking on them.  If you have several layers, and many of them overlap, you may accidentally select a layer that you didn’t intend to, or you may find it difficult to select a layer that is visually behind another layer.

With the Selection Tool disabled, you can only select a layer in the Layers list.  This allows you to use all other tools in the animation toolbar for the selected layer, without accidentally selecting a different layer. 

If you try to select anther layer inside the preview window with the Selection Tool disabled, it will let you know by turning the icon red.

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