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OCTOBER 4 By Photopia

Animating Captions with Image Layers

If you have both an image layer and a caption layer that you want to move together, you may find it easier to animate them as a single unit by putting them in a Group.


In the slide shown above, there is a Text Layer, an Image Layer, and a Background layer.  Let’s say that we want to move the image and the Caption from the left to the right, while tilting them.  Creating the exact same motion on two separate layers would be difficult.


Instead, select both the Image and Caption layers in the Layers list by holding down either your Shift or Ctl key.  Then, click on the Group icon at the top to put them both into a Group.


Now, select the Group layer and go into the Animations Tab. Set your position and tilt settings on the first keyframe so that they are on the left and tilted to the right, then change those settings to the opposite side on the second keyframe.  Your image and text layer will move and tilt as a single unit inside the Group.


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