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SEPTEMBER 6, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Remix with Wizard

The Wizard is a great tool to start building a new show with some assistance from Photopia, but did you know that the Wizard is available to be used while you are working on a show?  Continue reading more to learn about all the Wizard Remix options.

There are two options to use the Wizard once you are in a show.  You can remix your entire show using the Wizard, or you can remix selected slides with the Wizard.  When using the Remix selected slides option, the slides must be consecutive.

There are three locations where you can choose to Remix your entire show:

Under the right click in the Slide list

The Remix button at the top of the Navigation Panel

Under the Effects Menu

The first two options give you the ability to change your Theme, Grouping, Order, and Pacing settings.  Using the Remix Show with Wizard under the Effects menu (shown above) will run the entire Wizard again, including being able to change all your images and songs.


Remix Selected Slides is found under both the Right click in the Slide List and under the Effects Menu.  You will be given the option to change the Theme, Grouping, Order and Pacing for just those selected slides.  This is a great way to change existing slides or add new images to your show, without running the entire Wizard again. 

To use this option for new slides, add your images to blank slides (make sure they are adjacent), select those slides, then run the Remix selected slides with wizard.

You will be shown a preview of only those newly remixed slides, then have the option to run the Wizard again, or Apply and Continue.

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