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AUGUST 30, By Photopia

Training Tuesday: Deleting and Restoring Projects

One of the new additions to Photopia 2.0 that allows for more flexibility in deleting shows was the new Trash Project Group.

When deleting a project, it is not permanently deleted right away with no way to recover it.  Your deleted projects now get moved into the Trash project group, which acts as a temporary hold until you choose to permanently delete them. To send a project to the Trash project group, select a project on your Home Page, then click the Delete button.

A new prompt will appear informing you that the project was moved to the Trash and giving you the option to Undo.

If you would like to recover a project that was moved to the Trash folder, you can click on the Restore button to move it back to the original Project Group it was in.

You can also drag and drop it from the Trash group into another Project Group.

If you would like to permanently delete a single project, select that project in the Trash Group, then click the Delete Permanently button.

If you would like to permanently delete all projects in your Trash Group, click the Empty Trash icon.

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