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AUGUST 3, By Photopia

We Hear You

We receive a lot of requests from our wonderful customers, everything from small changes to entirely new features. Rest assured, we hear you. A big Photopia update is on the way and here are some of the most popular requests you can expect to see included.

Watch the video here, or continue reading for more details

User Guide

We’re excited to announce the long awaited, comprehensive, Photopia User Guide. This manual includes a table of contents and hyperlinks that allow you to jump right to the section you want to learn.

Dual and Triple Previews

We have expanded the Single Preview to include Dual and Triple Preview options. Unlike the Single Preview, which only shows the slide at the current keyframe, the Dual and Triple Preview options also show the slide at adjacent keyframes. This can make it easier to edit more complex slides.

Import / Export Library

The process of moving Photopia files from one computer to another can be cumbersome. The new Import / Export Library feature streamlines that workflow, making it easier to be sure all your files are moved over properly. This feature works across Windows and Mac platforms.

Custom Color Schemes

The colors of the Photopia interface are getting a makeover and you can decide what colors get used!  There are now 4 new preset Color Schemes to choose from, plus the ability to create your own.

Faster Video Output

The process of creating video output from Photopia just got a lot faster. There is also better support for hardware accelerated video encoding with NVENC on Windows (Nvidia only) and Video Toolbox on Mac.

More Music!

There are new tracks in the Music Library for both Director and Creator, a LOT more.

Organizational Tools

There are new organizational tools on the Home Page in Photopia that you never knew you needed but will soon find hard to live without!

  • Project Groups – Projects can now be moved into custom Project Groups.
  • Tags and Keywords – Projects now accept Tags and Keywords. Tags make it easier to visually identify a project in the list while Keywords make it easier to find a project using the Search bar.

Custom Video Output

The new Custom Video File output option provides a way to create video output with custom parameters. Choose from things like file type, codec, resolution, framerate, bitrate, and other options.

Coming Soon!


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