Transition From ProShow To Photopia

Welcome to the next generation of slideshows.

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Photopia is the next generation of slideshow software and takes slideshow creation to all new heights.

All new from the ground-up, Photopia was built using many of the ideas Photodex had developed for the next generation of ProShow. Photopia has taken these ideas and created a new product that will be instantly familiar to ProShow users while also taking a major leap forward. We currently have two products: Photopia Director and Photopia Creator. ProShow slideshows, Slide Styles, Templates, and other content can be loaded directly into either Photopia product.

Photopia software is available for both Windows and Mac.

On this page we will give you information about these products and help you choose the right product to continue creating great slideshows.

Easily Transition from ProShow

Import all your shows and effects.

Photopia Creator and Director can import slideshows, effects, and other content from ProShow Gold or Producer. Yes, this means that even Photopia Creator has access to slideshows AND effects from ProShow Producer.

Powerful new features

Photopia comes with lots of new features.

Director and Creator

  • 64 bit: Use your computer’s full capacity
  • Group Layers: Animate multiple layers together.
  • Shapes: Cut your photos into nearly 100 different shapes without the need for masks.
  • Video Backgrounds: Use a video as the background for your show.
  • And many more…

Director Only

  • Slices: Split layers into smaller pieces, like rectangles or puzzle pieces that can be animated individually.
  • Caption Slices: Animated individual words or characters in a caption.
  • Layer blending modes: Choose from 15 different blending modes like Screen, Multiply and Darken.
  • And many more…..

New Flexible Subscription model

Pay only when you use the program.

You can choose either a monthly or yearly subscription. Monthly subscriptions are perfect for when you only want to make the occasional slideshow. Yearly subscriptions give a discount compared to the monthly option and are the best choice if you use the program more frequently.

Not using the program for a while? Both monthly and yearly subscriptions can be suspended. The days that your subscription is suspended will not count toward your subscription time.

Need to work offline a lot? No problem! You only need to connect once a month to validate your license.

A single subscription is valid for use on two computers, like a desktop and laptop or a Windows and Mac.

Ready for the Future

New features coming soon

At Photopia we’re committed to keep improving our software. Because Photopia was created from the ground up we’ll be able to add new features that were never possible with ProShow.

Thanks to our subscription model and automatic update system you’ll never have to miss out on new features and improvements.

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